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Training Manual for Rice Transplanter, Harvester, Seed Planter, and Irrigation Machinery

Business Modules for Rice Transplanter, Harvester, Reaper, and Seed Planter

Gender Technology Assessment: Rice Transplanter

Gender Technology Assessment: Harvester Technology

Technical Report on ACI Yanmar Combine Harvester

Technical Report on Metal Combine Harvester

ASMIH-Bangladesh Virtual Annual Workshop 2020- Presentation Slides

(September 23, 2020)



Final Report from ASMC Phase I

Studies and Design and Working Mechanism of Existing Rice Seed Planters and the Results of Group Discussion with Users and Stakeholders of the Machine

Technical Manual of Multi-Crop Seed Planter for Two-Wheel Tractor

Technical Manual of Multi-Crop Seed Planter for Four-Wheel Tractor

Performance Testing of Five Seeders and Broadcasters on Rice Production in Battambang Province

Royal University of Agriculture, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering Promotional Flyer (Khmer translation)

Women farmers preferences of improved tools and impact of conservation agriculture practices on yield and profitability of commercial vegetable home
gardens in Cambodia



The Impact of a Mechanical Maize Planter on Smallholder Women Farmers in Burkina Faso

Household Food Consumption Profile of Maize Farmers in Rural Areas: Burkina Faso’s Hauts-Bassins Region Case

La Traction Animale : Technologie Appropriée pour la  Mécanisation au Burkina Faso

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