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Technology Innovation

ASMC strives to increase production through timely harvesting, reducing postharvest loss, increasing cropping area, improving soil health, and adopting best management practices in the entire food value chain. ASMC has identified technologies to achieve this, and is currently working towards scaling them within the focus countries.

Technology scale up in Asia and West Africa will provide productivity, economy, environment, human, and nutrition benefits for thousands of smallholder farmers. The proposed technologies have demonstrated a 50% to 100% increase in maize productivity over national average yields in Burkina Faso, an increase in rice production and labor savings in Bangladesh, and an increase in vegetable production in Cambodia.


Burkina Faso



  • BAU-STR Dryer

  • Combine Harvester 

  • Reaper

  • Rice Transplanter

  • Two-Wheel Tractor Based  Seed Planter

  • Strip-Till In-Line Ripper

  • Minimum-Till Planter 

  • Skim-Till Cultivator 

  • Small-Scale Forage Chopper 

  • Small Scale Silage Bin

  • Electric Two-Wheel Tractor

  • Solar Drip Irrigation System

  • No-Till Planter

  • Broadcaster

  • Leveler

  • Roller-Crimper

  • Compost Applicator & Planter Combination

  • Composting System

  • Small Scale Forage Chopper

  • Solar Drip Irrigation System

  • Two-Wheel Tractor

  • Grain Storage

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