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Capacity Building

The vision of ASMC is to be the lead entity for providing information on agricultural mechanization and technological advances in West Africa and Asia. Capacity-building efforts span from virtual and in-person training workshops, mechanization-specific educational programs, and curriculum development within the Innovation Hubs and associated institutions. The consortium will utilize Extension models to serve smallholder farmers, women, and youth with the aid of trained Extension specialists.

A new curriculum called “Technical Systems Management” will be introduced and offered initially through the Bangladesh Agricultural University, with potential expansion to other countries through the Regional Hubs. This program will build on the strengths of existing curricula on agriculture, technology, and business in both the Asia and West Africa regions, and will produce technologically sound business graduates to benefit the entire food value chain.
The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers is promoting the Modernizing African Agriculture initiative in which mechanization is a critical component; ASMC Phase II will collaborate with this initiative for West Africa.

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